4. april 2013

5 basics of my daily life

Though this is a personal 'life blog' and I've written too many facts about myself for all of you to read here, I still do not feel like you know me and my life very well. I'm sharing what happens in my life on a daily basis.
Lblogs are my favourite blogs; partly because I find it inspiring reading about other peoples ups and downs and relating to them or perhaps discovering good advice and partly because I'm just secretly nosy.
What I have always wanted to do with this blog is  to cover my need for occasional internet babbling and to write and emit in my own blog all of those things I like the most about other blogs. In a non-copy-cat way, of course.

I know Rosie leads a spiffing life with dear Ted and Jason and has nearly finished uni, I know Kizzy has two amazing daugthers and a wonderful like for art and adventure and I know Charlotte has the best kind of quirky relationship with her boyfriend Luke. 
But I've never expressed much about the people in my life or even what I'm currently doing to pass my days (besides being cosy on the sofa with a book or a movie).

So here's 5 very basics of my daily life:
- I live with my mum, stepdad and dog. My dog is called Smuth (pronounced Smoot) and he is a pretty darn big part of my life. Pretty darn big. You might have seen him on instagram from time to time :)

- I am applying for a few educations atm, all of them being very creative. So far it's Graphic Designer, Multimedia Graphic Designer and Theather Technician.

- I recently got a job at a café in my birthtown which is one hour car ride away from my current home. 

- I am indeed a single pringle with no need to mingle.

- My sister lives in Switzerland so I don't get to see her very often but my dad lives just an hour away so I visit him whenever I want to.

May this be that start to an exciting telling of the daily life of Nanna Emma :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nice to know more about you! Hope the new job goes well :)

  2. So great to hear more of you doll :)) Good luck with the applications...sounds wonderful & I know you will do well :) Thanks for the mention, very sweet :) x

  3. Wow your sister is lucky to live in Switzerland! Must be beautiful, and good luck with the new job!xx


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