11. april 2013

'A charming woman is a busy woman', wellll ;)

Oh hi!
I've been so busy this week, I have thought about it and wanted to blog every single day this week, but everytime I had some time to just do nothing I literally just wanted to do nothing. So though I never say 'sorry for not blogging' because to me you should never feel pressured to blog by others, but this time I actually am sorry for not blogging, 'cause I've been wanting to so badly :(

Since my last post I have quit my café job in the city. It took me two hours to drive which was far too much not only because of lost time but because my car swallows gas like it's liquid chocolate and that's really not something that makes my bank account go 'hurra!'. Also because of some other things that wouldn't be cool to mention on the internet.

Instead I've found something else to do in my own town for the next 4 weeks. It's an 8-15 job which is surprisingly nice. I haven't had a normal everyday life since I went to school last summer so getting up early and coming home tired with still lots of day left is just - lovely.
After those 4 weeks I'll be starting a small school project that will help me get an internship for my education which I'll start in August.
The future is slowly but surely beginning to look a lot brighter so I am one happy Nanna Emma. (I sincerely hope you English folks do not read that as grandma Emma, haha)

I've been planning a handful of new posts in my head these past few days, so I'm rather excited about writing them sometime this weekend.

Lastly, a big thank you to my new readers and to those of you who've commented my posts while I've been passive.
Please come back soon, and please enjoy this beautiful picture I snapped with my iPhone whilst being out today. Isn't Denmark gorgeous?

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  1. Congratulations on the new projects & job you have!

    And I'm sorry to say but I did read it as 'grandma' aha, although I assumed you meant it in an affectionate way, as its clear you aren't a 'Nana' teeheexx


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