21. april 2013

Social Media Time Off?

Wauw, I cannot believe I've actually got new followers since last time I logged in on here. I've literally not been on blogger for at least a week and I have only been reading other people's posts if they've linked them on twitter. So the fact that people haven't deleted me or lost interest is so kind of you, thank you for following and not dumping me ♥

I don't have some smart or brilliant post up in my sleeve I just thought I'd pop in and tell everyone why I haven't really been on. (oh boy that sounds serious, but it's not!)

I'm not quite sure why but I've started to become so private which I've never been before. I've started to feel so uncomfortable about the internet. It scares me how much people can know about me without actually knowing me. I think it's great that so many people does it - don't get me wrong it's probably one of my top 3 favourite entertainments - but the thought of old friends or future employer's being able to find things about my life I wouldn't normally have shared with them is creeping me out

So for now I am definitely not feeling the blog-vibe which is so sad cause I had a week not too long ago where I planned so many blog posts.

I hope you will all be very understanding, I'm absolutely not deleting this blog, but I feel it's fair for everyone who's following it to know that it is not in my current plans. It may be another week, may be a month or even years, one just can never know. For now though, it's a little off of my schedule.

I do, however, use twitter and instagram quite a lot still. @Nannaemma is how you'll find me :)
Make sure to post your links on twitter, still love reading other people's blogs, but will only see them if they're on my timeline!

Lots of love and happy heart warming rays of sun
from me,
to you x

7 kommentarer:

  1. It's ok doll. We have to do, what we have to do. Sometimes I get that way and I just step back and do something else.Blogging can run us dry really. It's good to step back and do something else now and then. It helps. Am always on Twitter ;) xx

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  6. Missing reading your blog, lovely lady, but glad you're taking the time off you need :) xxx

  7. I felt the same for a bit, but now I'm back to blogging.


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