23. februar 2013

Instagram update

In a completely random order:
1. Birthday cake - 2. My dog, Smuth, playing royal - 3. A little cheeky 'souvenir' from Jamie's Italian in Canary Wharf
4. Sneak Saturday - 5. Mirror mirror, on the wall... - 6. Girls night with old friends
7. Goofy aka Smuth - 8. Banana on ryebread, a favourite - 9. Utter bliss - sofa & fireplace
10. I was cold to the bone - 11. Blueberries, mhmm - 12. Funny faces while waiting for food

Instagram is one of my obsessions, I love it oh so much and I check it so much that I often have to restrain myself from bombarding my followers with pictures. Mine's @nannaemma what's yours? x

3 kommentarer:

  1. My Instagram is @catfyson - same as twitter :) those blueberries look yummy!

  2. Looks like a great week, I love the photos, especially the blueberries! How deliciousxx


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